Abrasive Sanding Brush For Woodworking
  • Abrasive Sanding Brush For WoodworkingAbrasive Sanding Brush For Woodworking

Abrasive Sanding Brush For Woodworking

we supply abrasive sanding brush for woodworking ,products using environmentally friendly manufacturing process pollution-free,high reliability,high wear resistant, cost effective, high efficiency, customized high , can do this because we are committed to the industry for many years to focus on R&D and innovation, we are expecting become your long term partner in china.

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Product Description

Product Introduction of the Nano Coated Abrasive Sanding Brush

This Abrasive Sanding Brush For Woodworking was made up with abrasive sandpaper +duct tape.it's very cost-effective,We use the most advanced die-cutting technology to ensure that the production process without waste gas, waste water discharge, die-cutting neat and clean no residue, will not cause damage to the abrasive, traditional laser cutting abrasive abrasive cutting edge is affected high temperature, material is too dry sand particles easy to fall off, the abrasives still have carbonized residue around the cutting edges,We devoted to abrasives many years, experienced in the field, with advanced automated production lines. the produvt covering most of Asia ,Europ and Americas market.

Product Parameter (Specification) of the Nano Coated Abrasive Sanding Brush

Abrasive A.O .  AOC.  Non-Woven.  Ceramic.  Silicon Carbide ......
Grit size 60# ~ 1500#......
Length 45mm ~ 999999mm
Height 45mm ~ 135mm
Outside diameter 3.0mm   3.5mm   4.0mm   4.5mm   5.0mm...
Cut width 3mm.  5mm.  7mm.   10mm.   15mm.   17mm.   20mm....

Environment-friendly paint of the Nano Coated Abrasive Sanding Brush

We adopt more advanced die-cutting technology to ensure that the production process without industrial waste agas, waste water, abrasive cutting neat, no damage, no residue.we

High reliability and Cost-effective of the Nano Coated Abrasive Sanding Brush

The special sewing technology is simple, high efficient, reliable and free from looseness.
due to the good cost of various auxiliary materials, combined with our excellent technology, the quality and cost-effective ratio to achieve the best balance. And we were proud of that

High efficiency and Customized high of the Nano Coated Abrasive Sanding Brush

With the ever-present dream of technology changing the world, we have built our own automated production line, and we offer a chioce of A/O, A/O/C, Ceramic, Ceramic/Zirconium Blend, Silicon Carbide, Non-Woven and any abrasives, and we are excited about it.

Product Details of the Nano Coated Abrasive Sanding Brush

Brush supported abrasive sanding strips combined with suitable grooved cylinders or discs make the perfect sanding tool for many applications in modern wood working and metal working.

We offer a huge variety of different sanding strip brush and grooved cores. Therefore the system is hugely flexible and versatile with over 1000 possibilties to create the perfect sanding head. With our experience we will guide you to find the perfect brush sanding solution for your sanding task.

sanding of profiled, flat and moulded components
sanding of wood, mdf and all types of coatings incl. UV
reducing of coating constumption
smoothening of sharp edges
polishing of oil and wax
improving of surface finish
deburring of laser-cut and punched sheet metal parts
edge rounding of sheet metal parts

Product Qualification of the Nano Coated Abrasive Sanding Brush

In the last stage of production, our video detection system selects high-quality products according to each product’s detection standard. Finally, we will be high-quality goods for loading into the warehouse, in order to be out of the warehouse.

Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Nano Coated Abrasive Sanding Brush

According to the customer requirements of the number of products in batches, and then use PE film packaging, each batch of goods into a small carton, then small carton into a large carton, and finally in the large carton surface wrapped PE film
According to customer demand, we can choose air, sea, land transport, efficient, economical, safe transport means.
We have specialists to follow up the movement of the goods. until the customer acceptance of goods and postgoods in the actual use of the results of feedback will be analyzed and optimization.


Q1 The difference between die cutting and laser cutting in the actual application of sand.

Advantages Disadvantages
Laser cutting 1. Low cost of use.
2. No need to change the mold.
3. The cutting precision is high.
1. The later maintenance cost is high, waste gas and wastewater treatment.
2. The processing efficiency is low, and the actual application is not ideal
3. High-temperature cutting causes the product itself to evaporate quickly, and the product structure changes.
4. Produce very toxic waste gas and waste water, causing serious pollution to the environment.
5. The ore grains cannot be cut,but the non-metallic components on the surface of the sand are burned, so Black carbides are likely to remain the cut marks, which will cause the surface of the plate to pollute.
Die cutting 1. No waste gas or waste water is produced, healthy earth every day.
2. High processing efficiency, ideal for practical applications
3. There are no residues in the cut marks, which will not cause pollution to the surface of the board.
4. Non-destructive cutting products. Will not cause  damage to the board.
5. Maintenance-free in the later period.
1. The cutting accuracy is slightly lower, which is prone to product burrs and affects the appearance.
2. The use cost is slightly higher.
3. Need to replace different models of molds.
Q2. Are you a manufacturer? Do you have a factory?
Answer: We are a professional manufacturer for more than 19 years and we have factories. Hope you have the opportunity to visit our factory. and hope you can give us some valuable advice.
Q3.Can I get samples for free? Is it possible to ship for free?
Answer:Yes, we can give you free samples after talking and confirming all the details. But we do not provide free shipping service,If you buy a lot of products, we will give you some discounts.
Q4. Do you do OEM?
Answer: Yes. We can design stickers with your logo.
Q5: What is your packaging solution?
Answer: First wrap a certain amount of products with PE film and put them in a separate small carton, then put more small cartons into the big carton, and then wrap the PE film again after packaging.
Q6. What is the delivery time?
Answer: According to the size and quantity, the delivery time is usually 5~10 days. When we know the product details, we can tell you the exact delivery time.
Q7: How do you ship the goods?
Answer:we can choose air, sea, land transport, efficient, economical, safe transport means.
Q8: Can your factory produce customized products?
Answer: Yes, we can customize according to your requirements for design, size, color and logo. Please contact us for more details.

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